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“Excellent as always! The team is great at the door, and the technician and doctor explained everything to detail. My kids feel comfortable and stress-free considering I bring 3 at the same time. One happy mom out the door. Thank you for your hard work!”


Patient Reviews

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“Dr. Bagha and Heather were fantastic. Went in for a deep cleaning, which they did what they could to make it as bearable as possible and made my appointment very nice. Dr. Bagha also likes to keep his patients informed about the process so it's nice to not be in the dark. Huge points to both of them, this is my dentist of choice from now on! "

- Mo A.

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“Amazing group of people here. Thank you for taking good care of your patients.”

Samimullah S.

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“The office itself is amazing for children. The layout and all the decorations definitely help distract young children from being so upset about getting their teeth looked at. The staff was super friendly, informative, and professional. This is my first pediatric dentist for my son and I absolutely loved everything about the office and staff thus far. 😊”

Shyla S.

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“My 2-year old daughter had an absolutely amazing experience here! The office is warm and welcoming. The hygienist, Dana, was lovely. She showed us around and was very compassionate. Dr. Brown was friendly and took her time making my daughter feel comfortable. My daughter was actually sad to leave and cried in the parking lot! I am very thankful for this dental practice and I highly recommend it!”

- Julie R.

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“This has been my child’s pediatric dentist’s office for the past 10 years and we are now using their orthodontic services as well. Never had any problems here, staff always friendly, organized, consistent, gentle, caring. They offer laughing gas for procedures and have the latest equipment. All the hygienists and providers have always been very nice, receptionists are also kind. Highly recommend this dentist’s office for children.”

- Allison

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“This place is awesome! Every room has a different theme that kids love. My son has been going here since he was 2, and not only is he not afraid of the dentist, but always looks forward to going. All of the dentists and dental assistants are sweet, caring, and knowledgeable. Super friendly staff! Made my son feel comfortable and happy :)”

- Amanda W.

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“I love this place! The staff is amazing and very professional. My daughter had a bad experience with another dentist and after that she has literally phobia to the dentist. They are taking care of here very professional, friendly and specially with a lot of patience. They explain you very detailed everything they are going to do and they give you options that fit with your case. Nowe is starting to make improvement at the time to go to the dentist thanks to them. Thanks to Dr. Brown and all the staff for all the help with her!!!!”

- Angeliz C.

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“My 18 month old and 4 year old girls were VERY resistant but the hygienist and dentist were extremely accommodating and helpful. They even have a quiet room sectioned away from the other chairs if needed. Very sweet and thoughtful team, definitely recommend. The place is super fun and they give stickers, tokens for a prize, and have other fun kid stuff! Its clear they truly care about the kid's comfort and try their best to make it a positive experience.”

- Caitlin P.

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“Customer service was great. Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable. The doctor explained so well about the issues with my son's teeth. We shopped around for braces because I believe in being a fully informed consumer and went with this place.”


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“We were looking for a second opinion and someone recommended this place to us. We loved it! Everyone was very kind and put our nerves to ease. Our original dentist is always pushing for treatments and was very intimidating. We are always anxious about their appointments but at Let's Smile, the atmosphere is very relaxed. The office is bright and open. Dr. Brown was very sweet, took time to answer my questions and let me be in control of his treatment plan while making her recommendations and explaining why they are needed. There was no push for urgent treatments, she asked about my thoughts on what she recommended and we left feeling heard and completely satisfied. The dental hygienist Dana was very nice too and she made our follow up appointment right there. We are switching our dentist and will be going here in the future. Overall we would highly recommend this practice.”

- Maham M.

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“I began taking my daughter Meena to Lets Smile Dental since she was about 3 or 4 years old (she is turning 7 this year). I was forced to switch dentists because the practice we were with before dismissed my daughter as a client due to "behavioral issues". My daughter has a long history of dental issues and has had many painful dental procedures since she was 1 1/2 yrs old. She does not have behavioral issues- she has fear. She wasn't running around the office making a mess of things or acting badly; she was afraid, would cry, and didn't want to open her mouth. Pretty common for a pediatric practice of any kind. That so-called pediatric dental practice left a bad taste in my mouth and I was hesitant to take her anywhere else. When I called Let's Smile, I let them know from the start that my daughter had major anxiety when it came to the dentist due to her history and that it may be difficult to treat her. This dental practice did not disappoint. Every single staff member has been so patient with Meena. Dr. Brown is Meena's current dentist and she is phenomenal. She works so closely with me when in comes to Meena's treatment plan, and she has helped us get a possible diagnosis for the issues Meena has with her teeth. My daughter went from not opening her mouth and kicking and screaming to saying "I love Dr. Brown. I love my dentist". I never thought I would see the day where she would not only open her mouth willingly, but actually love her dentist. I cannot thank them enough for all the loving care they have provided us over the years. We appreciate them so much!”

- Nicolette L.


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