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What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are synthetically developed tooth structures that are capable of replacing missing teeth to benefit appearance, function, and health. Rather than just sitting on the gum tissue like many restorative devices, dental implants connect with the jawbone and derive support and stability from your own connective tissue. This makes them more appealing as they last longer, feel more natural, and closely match the capabilities of a natural tooth.

The Implant Process

To ensure that the full process runs smoothly, a patient must follow a certain protocol on their journey to receive dental implants. As part of our process in Fredericksburg, VA, we consider how an implant might help the patient, as well as what pretreatment requirements might be required in order to ensure a successful outcome. This process is as follows:

Starting with a consultation between the patient and doctor, the journey towards a new smile begins. A consultation offers the opportunity to ask questions and develop a plan that addresses the specific needs of the patient.

If it is discovered that the patient requires treatment, this must first be completed. Problems like gum disease, poor bone density, untreated injuries, or severely decayed teeth are all treatable and this step must be taken to ensure the patient is in the best condition prior to placement surgery.

After determining the mouth is healthy enough, the placement procedure will take place. The doctor first creates a small incision above the implant placement area. Through this opening, a titanium post will be inserted and anchored to the jawbone. The incision site will then be closed and left to heal for between three and six months.

After having enough time to integrate with the supporting bone structure, the implant post should be stable enough to place an abutment. An abutment acts as the connecting piece between the implant post and dental crown, connecting the entire appliance together.

Based on the patient and doctor’s consultation, a customized crown is built to match the patient’s preference for color, size, and shape. Once the crown is cemented or screwed into place, the patient will enjoy a strong, healthy, and appealing smile for a lifetime.

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The Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer numerous advantages over other restorative options. We believe the top benefit it offers patients is its impact on health. Since the implant consists of a post that embeds into the jawbone, it simulates the advantage of a natural tooth root. In addition to serving as a stable foundation for a tooth, a tooth root serves as a healthy stimulant for the jawbone. By using an artificial implant post, the jawbone is enabled to grow stronger and resist deterioration. Other benefits include:

  • Improved function
  • Phenomenal appearance
  • Easy maintenance

The Cost Of Dental Implants

The cost of a full implant procedure varies based on a multitude of different factors; this may include the type of implant chosen, the number of teeth missing, or your need for preliminary treatment. While it’s not possible for us to provide a true estimate of the expense due to these factors, you may be able to receive more information upon attending a consultation with our doctors.

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Are Dental Implants Right For You?

Dental implants are truly a marvel of modern dentistry, coming as close as possible to truly replacing a natural tooth. With numerous benefits offered by this procedure, it’s hard to say that there could be anything better; however, implants aren’t the right choice for everyone. Are they right for you?

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“The team was meticulous in their care and wiped down everything they touched and changed their gloves multiple times. The hygienists were all very thorough, patient, and caring. They ask your child things that might help them feel more comfortable, such as needing headphones, sunglasses etc. It is very obvious they have handled all kinds of children's needs. The doctor made me feel like I had control over my family's care and took the guilt out of our choices and reservations. A great approach that will leave kids feeling safe, happy and willing to come back without fear.”
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“Amazing! Great with children! I have an 8-year-old who is terrified of the dentist. The entire team went above and beyond to make her comfortable and talk her through every single step. The dental assistant in her room on the day of her procedure treated my daughter with respect and care as if she was her own child. The doctor was kind and professional. The coordinator went above and beyond when I sent an email on the weekend stating that I believed my daughter had an abscess. Within one hour of sending the email I received a phone call, a prescription, and an appointment. ON A WEEKEND!”
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