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LightForce 3D Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is often a lengthy process that requires routine modification, monitoring, and consistency. But at Let’s Smile Dental, we offer LightForce—an advanced orthodontic treatment that can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to achieve your perfect smile. This is because the unique system uses advanced technology to custom print brackets that precisely fit YOUR teeth. This increases the accuracy of the treatment, allowing us to achieve more positive results in a shorter time frame. Additional features of LightForce include the following:

Faster & More Efficient: With fewer patient visits, efficient treatments, and a fully digital workflow, LightForce enables our doctors to reach new levels of efficiency without sacrificing quality or comfort.

Customized For You: Proprietary treatment planning software is combined with advanced 3D printing technology to create custom treatments for every patient. Ditch ill-fitting brackets, manual bonding, and unnecessarily lengthy treatments.

More Comfortable: LightForce brackets conform precisely to your teeth, reducing discomfort and improving the straightening accuracy.

Fully Digital Planning: LightForce brings the planning simplicity, efficiency and ease of use seen today in aligners into the world of fixed dental appliances. Enjoy the benefits of digital planning for your treatment, aligners or fixed.

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Let’s Smile Dental provides comfortable and inconspicuous Invisalign treatment. Enjoy the benefits of straighter teeth without the constraints of traditional braces.


LightForce 3D Orthodontics

Tired of lengthy orthodontic treatment? Let's Smile Dental offers LightForce, a revolutionary system with custom 3D-printed brackets for faster, more precise results and a beautiful smile in less time.


Traditional Braces

We offer traditional braces for kids and adults, the most common orthodontic treatment. They effectively correct issues like overcrowding, overbite, and malocclusion for a straighter smile.


Orthodontic Emergencies

EXPERIENCING AN EMERGENCY? We are committed to providing the highest quality care for our patients, including emergency services such as broken archwires or loose brackets and more.


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